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Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation Support Group:

Ivory Garden is a nonprofit, charitable, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization dedicated to providing resources, education, online support communities for folks who live with effects of early childhood trauma and those who support them. Through these activities, Ivory Garden strives to support survivors, raise public and professional awareness of childhood trauma and its effects on survivors and their supporters.

2105 Trauma and Dissociation Conference Video

Being held at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport - October 16th - 18th, 2015.

This Years' Theme:


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport
18740 International Boulevard
Seattle, Washington, 98188
USA TEL: +1-206-246-8600 FAX: +1-206-901-5923
If you are traveling Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air enter Fare Code ECMW526 for 7% discount.

Ivory Garden is hosting this conference to benefit the TOP DD Studies.


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Ivory Garden Mission Statement:

Ivory Garden provides opportunities and resources that raise public awareness of and reduce the impact of childhood trauma:

1). Provide survivors of trauma and professionals online international support forums, resources, webinars, and workshops.

2). Provide public educational opportunities to increase awareness and reduce the impact of childhood trauma through events such as: educational fundraisers, and conferences.

3) Networking with, supporting, and sponsoring organizations and groups who have a similar mission.

4). Provide other needed services in support of the Mission, as determined by the Board of Directors of Ivory Garden.

What we offer for survivors of childhood trauma, clinicans, and their supporters:

International, Annual Trauma and Dissociation Conferences:

Ivory Garden is proud to again be hosting the Trauma and Dissociation Conference this year. Last year's conference successfully demonstrated how important education is to trauma survivors, clinicians, and supporters. We all left the conference 'changed' by the event and looking forward to this year's conference being held Ocober 16th-18th, 2015.

Ivory Garden Discussion Forums:

Ivory Garden DID Support Group (IGDID).

If you have dissociative identity disorder or any dissociative disorder, you will find this discussion group not only professionally run, but also a place to discuss daily experiences, make new friends, learn about dissociation and trauma, have some fun, chat with peers, and a home where you are always welcome. Also known as IGDID, this group is well moderated discouraging the gossip and drama found on so many other boards. Guidelines 'are' enforced making this a comfortable and supportive place to come. We are now 8 years old with an impeccable history of professionalism - well-known for being a community where members are treated kindly and welcomed. Discussion is 'open' and the focus is always on respect and validation of members.

Ivory Garden Clinician Discussion Forum.

This forum is a part of Ivory Garden DID Support Group, private to clinicians.

Ivory Garden Supporter Discussion Forum.

This forum is a part of Ivory Garden DID Support Group, private to supporters.

Ivory Garden Home Website:

This home website offers articles, which are updated often; survivor stories, written by Ivory Garden members and survivors; artwork, done by members and survivors; prose, including short stores, books; poetry; and information about upcoming events, newsletter, webinars, store, and a variety of other information. 

Ivory Garden Live Chat Rooms:
Our chat rooms have the option of text, audio, and video.   There are several rooms.  Each of the communities has access to the chat rooms.   There are regular chat activities including: educational topics of discussion, littles chats, karaoke,  group games, teen-talk, webinars, and other activities.

Newsletters: We provide newsletter - for each community as well as one newsletter for all communities.


A wide range of articles are included both here and on the site of each community.  These are constantly being updated.


Members contribute artwork regularly.

Personal Stories, poetry, and other prose:

These are found throughout this site an on each community.  Most are contributed by our members.

Webinars:  Educational and tutorial - these vary according to interest and availability of presenters. We announce webinars on our websites and on our discussion boards.

Enjoy, heal, and learn:

We provide these communities, actives, and information in order to promote understanding the affects that trauma has on survivors as well as healing and comradery.  And to give folks a place to feel at home - to meet others and discuss in safe environments.  We understand that reaching out through the internet can be scary.  Our discussion forums are adequately staffed and we are always available to help.  We want all to enjoy being a part of Ivory Garden.

The very best to you,

Pat Goodwin
President, Ivory Garden

Ivory Garden is a nonprofit, charitable, registered 501(C)(3) organization dba in Washington state. Ivory Garden is also proud to be a provider for CEUs by the Washington Chapter, National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists and Licensed Mental Health Counselors. Provider number #1975-362. Please attend to schedule and registration forms for information on upcoming conference. Unless otherwise cited, all written information is under copyright protection. You do not have permission to copy anything in anyway without permission from its author under penalty of law. This website and accompanying discussion forums are provided for discussion only and not a replacement for therapy. Those needing therapeutic intervention should call 911, crisis line, or mental health professional. Reproducing any portion of this site is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise specified in cited material. If not cited, Ivory Garden Org. owns copyright to web design and written material. Portions of this site contain material that may be disturbing to some folks. Please be in a safe place when reading and know your limitations. Ivory Garden will not be held liable for anything written here. Also see our Privacy Policy.

Pat Goodwin, MA
President, Ivory Garden Nonprofit Corporation
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