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To provide a unique environment where folks who have experienced trauma can openly and safely talk. We strive to respect, validate, and learn from each other.


Achieving our goal requires cooperative collaboration amongst members and staff. Members posts remain appropriate and relevant to topics. Terms of Service are clearly posted to help members maintain the dignity of the board. Members of this group are at a stage in their healing to independently regulate their own behavior, as well as keeping themselves safe while on the forums. Staff regularly monitor posts and replies to ensure the board remains a safe and comfortable environment of learning for everyone.

As a friendly and kind community, we validate each other as equally special and significant.

These forums are active and the community not too large or too small - about 400 posts per day. There are many forums on different topics. The topics range in subject matter also. You are welcome to interact as you feel comfortable.

This is a safe place for members. We encourage building coping skills, learning from each other and material shared. We discourage sharing explicit memories of past abuse. We feel that processing memories be done with professionals. There are no practicing therapists on these forums. Therefore, topics that call for therapist type responses are discouraged.

Feel free to look around. Realize that, as a guest, your view of the forums is minimal. These forums are otherwise private to the public view and/or search engines.

We have literally hundreds of articles and provide workshops for everyone. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions. I am also providing a tutorial that should help with navigating our site.

The very best to you,
Felicity Lee

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Articles of Interest - Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder Information (DID) Information and Articles

Dissociative Identity Disorder – Education or Ignorance – Who Wins, Who Loses?

What's Up With The DSMV Information and criteria for DID

Jenny Hill's Statement - "Twenty-Two Faces"

"False Memory Syndrome - What the Studies Say" - Book Review

"Sybil Exposed" - Book Review

Epidemiology of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Otherkin - A Glossary of Terms

Dissociative Identity Disorder- Scientists are Questioning to Understand What Cause Multiple Personality Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) Glossary of Terms

Overlapping Symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) & Borderline Personality Disorder

Deja Vu - Relationship to Dissociation and Epilepsy

Dissociative Identity Disorder Self-Assessment - Quiz

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) Glossary of Terms - set 2

Multiple Personality Disorder as an Attachment Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder Scientists Are Beginning To Understand What Causes Multiple Personality Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder Marlene Steinberg - explanations of DES Scale - DID

Inner-Families and Possible Jobs

Definition Of Introjects

Explanation of DES Scale

ISH-What The Heck Is That?

The Dissociative Experience Scale DES Do You Have DID?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Information and Articles

About PTSD - An Overview

Flashback - A Definition

Playing Tetris Following Traumatic Event

Diagnostic Criteria-for Post traumatic-Stress-Disorder Are Lacking

What is a Flashback?

What Is Complex PTSD

Information On PTSD-Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder

Memory and the Hippocampus

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD Long-Term Memory and Trauma

Forget It!!! A Biochemical Pathway For Blocking Your Worst Fears

Reliable Definition Of PTSD

Where Unconscious Memories Come From

PTSD Debate Over Repressed Memories

Pain Management

Grounding & Coping Techniques / Ideas

Grounding Techniques (written by Originalkido)

Coping and Grounding Techniques (written by shadowetal)

From Victim To Survivor To Thriver

Sitting With Feelings

Coping & Grounding Skills - Ideas and Techniques

Coping with Grief and Loss


Coping With Anger

Taking Control of Personal Finances

What Are Emotions?

Dissociation Information & Resources

ISST-D Dissociative Identity Disorder- Standard Of Care Adults

Dissociative Amnesia - Definition

ISST-D Dissociative Identity Disorder- Standard Of Care for Children

Dissociative Identity Disorder Spectrum

The Amnesia Gene

On Being A Proper Multiple

Ego States

Myths vs Truth Dissociative Identity Disorder

What Is MPD? (Member Angered By Article)

Dissociative Identity Disorder Spectrum

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder - Diagnosis and Treatment

About Dissociative Identity Disorder

When the Body Feels No Fear

Trauma Centers/Hospitals & Therapists

DID, PTSD Trauma Centers and Programs
Therapy and Medication Information and Articles

Interviewing a New Therapist - Questions

Guidelines For Treating Dissociative Identity

EMDR - What is it? Definition

Triad Technique Review - Rachel Ramos

Hypnosis - Glossary of Terms - dissociative identity disorder

Disorder In Adults

What Is Love And Logic For Parents

What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy DBT?

Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress and Dissociative Conditions:What to Look for and How to Choose

Developing Intrasystem Communication

Planning And Executing Your Getaway
Guidelines For Coping With Nightmares After Trauma

Psychotherapy Goes From Couch To Yoga Mat

Withdrawing From Lamictal

Quieting the Mind and Body

Diagnostic Criteria For PTSD
Falls Short

The Myth Of Multitasking

Mothers' Day Transference Therapy

What is Transference?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Therapy and Treatment

Common Medication for Dissociative Identity Disorder

Healing From Sexual Abuse

Self Care and Basic Needs

Emotional Cut Off

New Pain killer on it's Way

Migrain Sufferers More Likely to Have PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Healing and Recovery

Coping with Self Harm Articles

Non-Suicidal Self-Injury - A New Diagnosis in the DSMV

Self Injury - A Self-Injurer's Bill of Rights

Help For Right Now When
You Want To SI

Altenatives To Self Injury

Trichotillomania -Hair Pulling - Self-Harm?

Great Distractions Instead Of SIing

Altenatives To Self Injury
Before You Cut

Self Harm - Determining Factors

Self Harm - Types

Self Harm - Consequences

Recognizing Self-Harm

Self-Harm Self-Injury An Informative Video

Self-Injury Statistics / Fatalities

Self-Injury Statistics / Video

Child Neglect/Emotional/ Physical/Sexual Abuse

Effects of Child Abuse on Survivors

Retaliation Against Professionals Who Report Child Abuse

10 Reasons Why I Would Falsely Accuse Someone Of Incest Or Sexual Abuse

Emotional Abuse

Neglect Article

Neglect Articles

STOP The Silence

What Are The Effects Of Child Sexual Abuse?

A Spirituality "After"
Psychological Impact Of Child Abuse

Abused Children Stay Highly Attuned To Anger

Risk Biologically Linked

The Lasting Effects of Psychological Trauma on Memory and the Hippocampus

Child Abuse Linked to Fibroids in Premenopausal Women

Child Abuse Interview
Guidelines Interviews

Abuse Rates Higher Among Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

For Abused Women, Leaving Is A Complex And Confusing Process

What Toddlers Will Remember

Types of Child Abuse

Sexual Abuse Fatalities

Sexual Abuse Information

Addiction and Sobriety

When Abuse Survivors Stop Smoking Part 2

When Abuse Survivors Quit Smoking

Emotional Processes In Recovery From Addiction

Popping Pills to Help Alcoholism

Drug Abusers Inability to Recognize Negative Emotions

Helping Others Helps Alcoholics Recovery

Eating Disorder Information

Eating Disorders Information - An Overview

A Letter From Recovery

Mindful Eating

About Anorexia

Self Test Do You Have An ED?

Eating Disorder Symptoms

Eating Disorders-Definitions And Support

Definition of Eating Disorders

Recognizing Eating Disorders

Statistics - Mortality of Eating Disorders

Consequences of Eating Disorders

Causes of Eating Disorders

Depression, Mania, and Bipolar Disorder Information and Support

Mood Disorders Information

The Road to Depression Recovery

Anxiety in Depression and Bipolar Disorder

About Mood Disorders - An Overview

Psychotic Break? How Do You Know?

Article on Grief

Grief And Loss

Anti- D Bias In Drug Trials

Depression - The Repressed Voice of Creativity

Mood Disorder Statistics

Healing and Coping with Depression

Definition of Mood Disorder

Types of Mood Disorders

5 Ways to Recognize Mood Disorders

Depression - Bullying and Substance Abuse

Mood Disorders Definition and Support

Ritual Abuse (SRA) Information

An Overview Of Ritual Abuse

Easter In The Cult-Svali TRIGGERING

Ritual Abuse - A Definition

Satanic Ritual Abuse Anniversaries

Satanic Ritual Abuse On Having Need

About Satanic Ritual Abuse

Mind Control and Conditioning Information

How Children Are Transported to Major Programming Sites

Color Coding - Mind Control

How Cults Program People-Svali

Brain Wave

Why So Much Money/Time Spent?-Svali

On Having Need-Svali

Description Of Spin Programming

Common Programs

NDE - Near Death Experience - An Explanation

Deprogramming, coping with Mind Control

Twinning - Mind Control - Might Trigger

Mind Control - Programming and Training - Might Trigger

What is Mind Control?

Complex Polyfragmentation-Svali

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