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How thought feild therapy and emotional freedom therapy helped me with DID

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How thought feild therapy and emotional freedom therapy helped me with DID

Post by sasha69 on 5/30/2012, 2:52 pm

… . . . How EFT/TFT helped me to cope with the effects of DID. Today it was the ability of letting go and forgiving myself.

When looking at my email this morning, I realized that I had not been doing a part of my therapy regiment. I subscribe to this news letter for the simple fact that most times when I am at my lowest, They have an article that applies to me and those within.

I was first introduced to this method with my most favorite Therapist. He was very good to those within me and accepted us no matter which one was out ! In all my years of therapy I can honestly say that he was truly unique in his profession.

For us a good Therapist is one that uses good DID therapy techniques and find ways to help us work through the trauma and not let it overtake our lives. During these last 10 years that I have lived in Arizona, I was treated like I had no long term memoir and that I had no value to anyone. My reason for living was to endure until my son 18th birthday. The one thing that helped me to survive the daily abuse, when I could not forget the abuse with the help of my DID. Was the use of TFT!

To this day, I still have to look at the people that hurt me in an alter state and know we can do nothing to make them pay for what they did to us. All these years we have heard that if they forced you then why did you not force charges against them. Its hard to press charges when your programed to service people and keep their information separated from the others within. After all any good lawyer will tell you with out physical proof, no foul. Many of us, live daily with this knowledge which makes forgiveness so hard on us.

So what is the meaning of forgiveness to those with DID and childhood trauma?

In truth the only requirement is the ability to forgive your self and those within you. For us it more of accepting the fact that as a child we were not strong or big enough to protect ourselves. That is was not our fault that the person we thought we could trust hurt us. Nor was it true when our abuses said it was our fault.

We lived and endured what no child should have. We need to acknowledge the strength that we had even as a child and best of all you don't have to forgive those that harmed you. You can slowly let them go and the control that they have over your life.

The basic definition of forgiveness is:

The ability to cease feeling resentment against the offender.

The ability to give up claim to compensation from an offender; to grant relief from payment.

To me it is the ability to see the person and know that at this point in time he/she can not hurt me or those within. That those within have chosen to live in the moment and no longer choice to allow the offender any more control of my/our life.

Our definition of forgiveness comes from “The Courage to Heal” pg 160-165. by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis.

So how can we forgive that which to us is unforgivable. Some people live with the mantra :

what you have done to me you have already done to yourself 10x over.
No matter how you say it, it comes down to the fact that most abuser will never admit their guilt, many even believe it is their right to do what they did. So each of us need to find a way to reclaim our personal power and freedom from them.

For me and those within it was the use of EFT/TFT. It gave us the ability to let go when many of us where so mad , that we could not let go on our own. You can watch the basics on youtube. The best way to use it and get trained is with a therapist that has been trained in this method.


purple lotus
purple lotus
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Re: How thought feild therapy and emotional freedom therapy helped me with DID

Post by purple lotus on 5/31/2012, 11:05 am

Hi, I'm glad that this helped you. I have not forgiven myself I'm felling better though. I appreciate the information, and I can't wait to see it on u tube.. Thank you for this info..
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Re: How thought feild therapy and emotional freedom therapy helped me with DID

Post by sasha69 on 6/2/2012, 8:53 pm

Sorry we have not been posting much but wanted to share this information. The fallowing sites talk about how EFT helps for migraines and resolving childhood issues. I have found that when the headmate is near the surface with the issues it works more effective for us.

As to migraines, many of us feel like they are a common ailment of DID but by doing these exercise our migraines have been cut in half,
hope you look into this, ans hopes it helps those here to reduce the physical pain of our disorder.

Migraines linked to feeling inadequacy.

Resolving childhood issues:

When I started this blog I did not feel comfortable telling you about the books that are available. But then it dawned on me if I was willing to tell you to find a new therapist then maybe it would be cheaper to find a book.

Igdid is a rear but true place that others can come and share for free and give donations as we are able to. But in the irl we have to at times pay for information to help us heal.

Recently I realized just how many news letters, I just delete because of all the items that they are selling but we do get good stuff, mixed in it.

We went online to find books that will give you a better understanding and a good resource at home.
TFT uses both ac cue pressure and algorithms. This book starts for about $5.45 on amazon.com.


This book is on emotional freedom, it starts at about $9 and is focused on PTSD's.

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Re: How thought feild therapy and emotional freedom therapy helped me with DID

Post by sasha69 on 6/17/2012, 6:26 pm

Tapping into forgiveness of myself and those within me.

Please watch the how to video below:

With EFT there is no algorithm there is just pressure point and focusing on a planed thought pattern. This site will teach you the basics with a picture of the treatment points.


At tapping.com there is a series of videos that takes you through the steps.

With TFT if you feel comfortable doing the eye exercises. You will be dong the pressure points and algorithm. To help reboot the way your brain is reacting to events and thought processes.


When doing either TFT or EFT at home begin by finding a safe and quite place. Remember you do not need to dig into the trauma but feel the surface emotion that you feel at the moment. We strongly recommend that you just deal with the emotions that are surfacing first.

For us it started with looking at the reasons why we could not forgive ourselves at that point in time. Remember we are looking at our feeling not the event at this time. At times we needed to look at a baby size doll or teddy bear to help those with see the size we were at the event of the trauma.

Begin tapping on your eyebrow close to your nose. Tap on this for 7 times.

(Hint if it is tender or hurting, you’re on the right spot)

As a child, I was hurt without any compassion. The people that hurt me made me feel like it was my fault that I was the one that made them act the way they did.

Begin tapping on the side of your eye, at the base of your temple. Tap seven times.

I was a child; I did not have the strength or will to protect myself. Nor did I have the ability to make a person harm me in such a way.

Begin tapping under your eye. On the edge of the bone of the eye socket. Tap seven times.

I was scared and afraid of what was done to me. I felt helpless and unloved. I was taught to fear those that where suppose to protect me.

Begin tapping under your nose. Tap seven times.

I was taught to not to believe in my self. That I did not know how to judge others or myself. I was taught to accept pain from those that where suppose to love me.

Begin tapping under your lip. Tap seven times.

I was taught to accept abuse as a normal event. That it was the only way that they could show me love or being wanted by another person.

Begin tapping at the collar bone; go to the u below your neck. About an inch on either side there will be a soft or tender spot. Tap this point seven times.

I was just used and hurt by the adults in my life. I was not cared for or loved by them.

Begin tapping 4 inches below the arm pit at your side. Tap seven times.

All that I was meant to be was destroyed by the actions of those that hurt me.

For EFT begin tapping at the top of your head. Tap seven times.

In all things I lost hope and belief that I had a chance to live life as a whole person. That the events of my childhood would never allow me to be strong and whole again.

For TFT do the 9 Gamut Procedure. . . .

Begin by tapping Gamut spot, which is located between your pinky finger and ring finger just before the knuckles.

1-close eyes. 2- Open eyes. 3- Move eyes hard down right. 4- Move eyes hard down left. 5- Roll eyes clockwise 6- roll eyes counter clockwise. 7- Hum a little song 8-count to five. 8-hum a little song.

Start the sequence again but with affirmation.

Begin tapping at the eyebrow next to your noise. Tap seven times.

Even as a child, I was and am worthy to be loved and respected. I was a child of love within a situation that should not have happened to any child.

Begin tapping at the side of your eye, the corner of your temple. Tap seven times.

I protected my self by running within. That gave me the gift to survive that which was done to me. My spirit was wounded and divided, yet I survived by an inner courage to be stronger then those that hurt me,

Begin tapping under your eye. On the edge of the bone of the eye socket. Tap seven times.

I know now that those that hurt me did so by their own choice. I did nothing to make them hurt me. I was only an easy target for them so that they did not have to face their own pain and anger.

Begin tapping under your nose. Tap seven times.

I can trust my feelings and my own judgment. I am older now and bigger. I can learn to see the truth of those around me. I have the right to keep my mind and body safe.

Begin tapping under your nose. Tap seven times.

I have the right to be loved without fear or abuse. That now is the time to learn to and show myself and those within me what real love truly means.

Begin tapping at the collar bone; go to the u below your neck. About an inch on either side there will be a soft or tender spot. Tap this point seven times.

Now that I am bigger, I have the right to treat those within me the way I should have been when each of us where created to save the whole. It is my right to be loved and respected by each and everyone within me.

Begin tapping 4 inches below the arm pit at your side. Tap seven times.

Now that I am older, it is my right to choice my own path. I choice not to be what the adults in my childhood choice to make me. I am strong and able to walk a different path that will allow me to be what I was meant to be before they hurt me.

For EFT begin tapping at the top of your head. Tap seven times.

Now is the time for me to believe and to accept all that I can be. I am a child of the universe, to be loved and accepted by each and everyone within me. That I can love myself and accept that even as a child, I was stronger then those that had hurt me.

For TFT do the 9 Gamut Procedure. . . .

Begin by tapping Gamut spot, which is located between your pinky finger and ring finger just before the knuckles.

1-close eyes. 2- Open eyes. 3- Move eyes hard down right. 4- Move eyes hard down left. 5- Roll eyes clockwise 6- roll eyes counter clockwise. 7- Hum a little song 8-count to five. 8-hum a little song.

Now take the time to sit and relaxes taken in a big breath. As you breathe in feel the air fill your lungs. As you breathe out feel your lungs push out.

How do your feel? Are the feelings lighter or more intense? Redo the sequence. Until you start feeling calmer. Remember you are not doing this just for you but all those within you... Even If you are only able to give peace to one at a time that is something that you did not have before.
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Post by unicorn-Ann on 6/21/2012, 11:15 am

The tapping and moving the eyes, is that similar - I know the technique is different - but is that similar to EMDR? My therapist uses that quite a bit for me when I am remembering a traumatic event. It helps me remember w/o alot of the emotion and right there feeling that can go w/that. She has even used it on an alter and it is extremely effective. Thank you for youtube info. I will check it out.
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accessing the deeper levels of trauma

Post by sasha69 on 6/22/2012, 11:16 am

Accessing the deeper levels of trauma stored in our cellular memory

EFT Master Emma Roberts reminds us that trauma can have many subtle roots. In this well written article she shares her thoughts on dealing with them. Email Emma and visit her website

By Emma Roberts

The purpose of this article is to explore using EFT to find and release the deeper more subtle impacts of trauma and how we store it in our cellular memory through our senses. I am increasingly curious as to how we can access this easily and EFT is a perfect bridge to doing this. EFT seems to offer us a clear path between the conscious and unconscious mind and as such we have a unique opportunity to experience healing at a cellular level.

Given the increasing correlation between trauma and serious disease I feel it is vital that we keep exploring and expanding our horizons in truly clearing the deeper roots of our memory. The effects of trauma appear in many different guises, not always obvious, and often we need to harness our creativity to experience total long term freedom.

We all experience the world through our senses: sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. It is how we make sense of what is going on around us. Recently I have been getting increasingly curious as to how we store trauma in our sensorial memory. In NLP terms we refer to our senses as our Representational Systems and group them under visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (including the senses of smell and taste).

Of course, we are already utilising the senses in our EFT work. We use the visual channel with the Movie Technique, helping the client to create physical distance from their memory, dissociating from it in order to reduce their emotional intensity. We take this one step further with Tearless Trauma using double dissociation.

Many of our frequently asked questions when we are testing our work may be about voice tone or the words of people involved, using the auditory channel. Words carry enormous power and are our main means of conscious communication with the world, and therefore with our clients.

People often are concerned with the language of EFT, are they saying the right thing, are they doing it properly? Do the words matter? The answer is yes … and no! A skilled practitioner will be very elegant with their language skills, particularly when reframing, but ultimately whatever words the client uses are right, because they are their words.

The key point is to notice their response to their words, check the meaning the client is giving them, the tonality, the emphasis and keep testing by feeding them back. There are countless examples of Gary working in this way. One of my favourites is his session with Rachel (Palace of Possibilities ) where he works with her ‘pits’ on her face, playing with her language and elegantly assisting her to change her self-image. Think of how many meanings the word ‘pits’ has!

When you listen carefully to a client’s language you will hear how they are accessing their traumatic memory, which is their primary representational system in that moment.

Are they saying:

•I can see him over there

•It looks like this

•I don’t want to look at it


•It sounds too frightening

•I just don’t want to hear it again

•I cant talk about it


•I don’t want to go there

•I don’t want to live through that experience again

•It feels too frightening for me

•It makes me feel sick

Your work will be even more effective if you literally ‘speak their language’. You will gain strong unconscious rapport and facilitate faster healing.

However, whilst these skills are extremely useful in enhancing all our work, trauma is often more complex than this and is stored in many different layers in our unconscious mind and cellular memory. I am increasingly aware of the messages in our bodies. The body does not lie and when it is evidencing some form of negative response, be it serious disease, chronic pain or an inability to function at some level, there is always an underlying emotional contributor, and sometimes this can be heavily disguised.

I have been working with a lady called Jane (not her true name) over a period of some months on relationship issues, which has led us to focus in particular on one very extreme episode of childhood sexual abuse. It was ‘just’ the one, so in EFT terms a very neat succinct specific event.

Whilst Jane was aware of the memory it was difficult for her to talk about it and we spent several sessions sneaking up on it until she felt safe enough to work with it. During this time we also worked through the obvious physical feelings which presented such as shortness of breath and discomfort in her stomach.

Even though I don’t want to go there…

Even though I don’t want to look at it…

Even though I don’t want to remember it…

Even though it doesn’t feel safe…

Even though I don’t want to do it…

Even though I can’t talk about it…

We very gently tapped around the thought of working with this memory until it became safe to begin to approach it. We began with Tearless Trauma, getting Jane to very quickly create a movie, give it a title, put it behind a screen, and guess at the intensity if she were to watch it. I like to use some physical object in the room to put the movie behind so that it is totally out of sight, and often I will move myself between it and the client! Jane’s movie was called ‘The Barn’, and she guessed that her level of intensity would be 10 ++ on a scale of 0 to 10.

We gently worked around ‘The Barn’ movie and ‘The Barn’ emotion until the intensity dropped to a 3, always checking for any physical response. The remaining 3 was showing up in her stomach and she labeled it ‘apprehension’. We tapped some more on ‘this barn apprehension in my stomach’ until she felt safe to look at the movie.

As Jane looked at the title of the movie, ‘The Barn’, the intensity went up briefly, but quickly calmed and she was able to run the entire movie, lasting under 10 minutes, zooming in on the particular pieces that still got her and tapping systematically to clear them. After several rounds, with much testing, she reported feeling OK about it, although she still didn’t like it.

Clients often say this, as if by somehow releasing the emotional intensity the memory should become acceptable. I will ask whether, if I was watching their movie, I would like it? To which the answer is almost always a resounding no. This is a very important point in our work, releasing the emotional attachment to a specific memory, letting it go, does not mean that is suddenly becomes OK. A horror movie is always a horror movie, nothing changes that, but by letting go of our response to it in the present we have a choice as to whether to watch it any more. We have freedom from it.

However, whilst Jane reported feeling clear on the memory itself, she was beginning to get migraines between sessions. She had always suffered from them but they were getting much more frequent and much more ferocious. It seemed to be that as the memory was collapsing so her unconscious mind was communicating with us in some way. There was some piece that we clearly hadn’t resolved that seemed to be determined to get our attention by creating these migraines.

We worked with the migraines, but still they came, we managed to take the edge off them, but they were still pretty persistent. Then one day Jane was in my office and she said ‘It is really weird, when I get these migraines my sense of smell is very very acute.’ I just suddenly thought that we hadn’t worked with the smells of the memory.

So I said to her, when you think of that movie are there any smells that might be related to this. She wrinkled up her nose and retched, saying ‘Yes, disgusting, I can’t bear that’. As it turned out there were a number of different smells associated with that memory, there were the physical sexual smells, and there were also the smells of the locality, a very dusty grubby barn full of oily agricultural equipment and petrol fumes.

It wasn’t until we had worked through each of those separately that the migraines began to disappear and are now completely gone. This was also a key turning point in her relationship work, and she was able to contemplate truly enjoying a sexual relationship for the first time.

One of the interesting things about this was that we were working without words. We had a Set Up Statement, but no Reminder Phrase, so when tapping the points we used no words at all. Words would have interrupted the process, would have got in the way of Jane’s unconscious mind processing this work and filtering it through her senses, through her nose.

We used the following Set Up Statements:

Even though I can really smell that smell…

Even though it was disgusting…

Even though repulsive smell got up my nose…

Even though I can smell him now…

Even though it smelt so dirty…

Even though he stank…

Reflecting on this session later I realised that the nose is a direct channel to the brain. Smells are very powerful. Think of the smells that are evocative for you. Freshly mown grass, coffee, fresh bread. Where do those smells transport you? How do you feel when you smell them?

This experience taught me that even though a client reports no longer having any emotional response to a particular trauma it may well still be having an impact at a cellular level. If a client has physical symptoms which seem to be unrelated discover exactly what happens when the symptoms appear (in this case, the acute sense of smell). The layers of trauma can be complex and challenging to unearth, although not always.

Another client, James, presented with panic attacks which seemed to have arisen out of nowhere. He couldn’t work out what was happening. We worked on the anxiety, the anxiety about the anxiety, the fear of the anxiety and the fear of panic attacks, all the obvious routes. I find that when working with panic attacks it is useful to begin working globally on the fears and anxieties around the issue, as until you can get a shift in these, the anxiety can create an impenetrable cloud around any more specific work.

Having done this we then worked on the specific panic attack memories, reducing the emotional intensity on each of them to zero. At this point we were able to begin to look for the core issues which created the behaviour in the first place.

This led us back to when they started, which was after a minor car accident on an icy road. We worked through the memory in minute detail, discovering what James was seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling … who was there, etc. As we continued to tap on the various aspects it was as though a cloud had lifted and allowed his unconscious mind the opportunity to communicate, and he said, “It is red, the colour red! … I can see someone walking past in a red jumper (sweater) just as I hit the lamp post. I thought I was going to hit him!” So we tapped on the man in the red jumper:

Even though he could not do anything…

Even though I thought I was going to k*ll him…

Even though I was out of control and was going to hit him…

Even though I thought I would hurt him…

Even though I never spoke to him…

Even though I must have terrified him…

Even though I couldn’t say sorry to him…

I was in a position where I could test the work. I don’t have anything red in my practice room but I do have a red cardigan so I was able to go and get it and test it very very gently with him. He was fine with it, and has never had another panic attack.

As you read this article I do hope that it sparks some interest, some excitement in you, some sense of curiosity, to see whether you too notice these phenomena, when you notice where trauma may be stored in the unexpected places; also noticing just how easily EFT bridges the conscious and unconscious minds, allowing the unconscious to offer this information if we only open ourselves up to receiving it.

Emma Roberts
Old Soul
Old Soul
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Re: How thought feild therapy and emotional freedom therapy helped me with DID

Post by Old Soul on 9/7/2012, 12:45 am

Thanks for sharing this Sasha I think I'm going to have to add this to my list of things to read


Re: How thought feild therapy and emotional freedom therapy helped me with DID

Post by Guest on 4/22/2013, 6:14 pm

Forgiveness is the only way to heal

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Re: How thought feild therapy and emotional freedom therapy helped me with DID

Post by Sponsored content

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