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Those who attended conference - testimonials

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

Those who attended conference - testimonials Empty Those who attended conference - testimonials

Post by felicity on 10/28/2014, 4:44 pm

Hi everyone - if you attended to the conference, please write testimonials to be included on our website for those who could not go to read.

What did you think of the conference overall?

Tell about your personal experiences, feelings overall, about speakers, etc.

If you have pics that do not show people, please email them or include them here.

I do appreciate this. Others can get a better idea of what you experienced.

Those who attended conference - testimonials Poly10Those who attended conference - testimonials Signat10
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5,000+ Posts

Those who attended conference - testimonials Empty Re: Those who attended conference - testimonials

Post by kkruty on 10/29/2014, 4:50 am

I felt both dr Paulson and dr Ross were very good. Taking through the host described by Dr. Ross affirms what my T has been doing. The only difference is she isn't talking to the alters. But she insists that I am present when they are out.
Everyone during the social seemed very happy and a lot of littles were out playing the games.
Didn't like dr. Paulson's scarf as she played with it during her talk. But later she mentioned it reminded her of the native Americans women's skirts.
Was impressed by all the service dogs. Also learned I could train my own service dog independent of official organizations.
The hotel never saw so many service dogs in one weekend! Was impressed by one persons service dog and the extent of it's training. Responding to single word commands.
Talked to Dr. Ross about how he helped me at Del Amo with a unruly alter and brought him into the current day. And his response was that we were one of his teachers!
Liked meeting people from the site. Tried to talk to as many people as possible.
What art work was there was good. It would have been nice if more people would have submitted works.
I would have liked one table with all the books on display. Rather then spread out on multiple tables.
I liked the table with the rocks and cards with encouraging sayings.
Sorry the Saturday into town didn't work out very well. Maybe something else could be planned next year.

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5,000+ Posts

Those who attended conference - testimonials Empty Re: Those who attended conference - testimonials

Post by Morgan on 10/29/2014, 1:15 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many people I've come to know and respect on IG. I spent a lot of time watching the suite taking turns with Krathyn so I didn't get to hear a lot of the speakers but what I did hear was fantastic. We went out on the town on that Saturday. What an experience that was! We ended up in a not so nice part of Seattle but I wouldn't have missed the adventure for anything! We really should have planned better but like I said it was an adventure and what's an adventure if it's all planned out right? It was great meeting Felicity in person. She did a fantastic job organizing everything. The suite was very nice. It had a wonderful view of Mt. Rainer a real honest to g*d volcano! I have never seen mountains let alone a volcano! The hotel was VERY nice. I got a little lost when I first got there and went to the wrong Hilton (there were two, who knew right?) but they were nice enough to ship me to the correct one. I bunked with Krathyn and we had a wonderful time together. I talked and talked and talked and talked. That to me was my very favorite part being able to talk without hesitation about DID with people who understood completely what I was talking about. I could let my guard down and it felt great. I had never been on a plane before and never traveled alone before so I had a lot of firsts. I wouldn't trade my experience at the conference for all the tea in China. I wish all of us could have gone but you were with us in spirit and we thought of you all. Those who attended conference - testimonials 57811 Morgan
Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

Those who attended conference - testimonials Empty Re: Those who attended conference - testimonials

Post by felicity on 2/12/2015, 6:00 pm

ll speakers received 4 or 5 in all areas – according to the CEU assessments. Some comments:
Marv Thomas -
“Marv – you rock!  Amazing workshop for the end of the conference”
Colin Ross-
“Excellent review – trauma concepts”
“Interesting, well-stated, already, experience based”
“Add to conceptual background for tools of the trade”
“Great to hear actual content of what might be said in a session”
“Really appreciated the way the substance was provided to the ‘theories/concepts. Therapeutic Neutrality (unraveled and clear). Clear about the Stockholm Syndrome and a new dimension.”
“Great – as always. Repetition IS learning”
“Very helpful and direct explanation. Awesome!”
“Love his language – commonality. Learned – ‘Trauma Model Therapy’ and ‘Therapeutic Neutrality’.
“Interesting, well-focused. Learned: re-frame attachment issues. Will help with focus on attachment issues.”
“Excellent opportunity to hear Dr. Ross speak. Learned: ‘Locus of Control Shift’ (Trauma Model).”
“You Rock! Thank you for being the voice of reason. Learned: wisdom and courage.”
“Thank you!  Thank you!  We took so many notes and bought books and listened.  Now, just going through it all and processing everything we learned.”
Joan Golston –
“Excellent speaker! Excellent content! Nice framing of boundaries.”
“Well done. Props were fun and useful. Learned: dealing with implicit communications – great tactics.”
“Visuals were excellent. Learned: need more information.
“This was a brilliant workshop.  Boundaries were explained in a way that could understand.  Hope to hear more next year.”
Lynn Crook –
“Loved it. Learned – activation of different parts of the brain. Want more of the same. Thank you.”
“I loved this. Lynn’s humility, enthusiasm, inclusion, and lots of great exercises! Learned: How participation exercises connect people. And everyone’s inner light can shine s beautifully. ”
Laura Brown –
“Very impressed with Dr. Brown’s presentation: content, overheads, style of delivery, and online materials. Learned: Content of abuse! The complexities of a survivor’s responses to the need for care of an aged abusive parent and their death. The importance of preparation before delving into addressing the abuse issues. Possibly, more of my clients are abuse survivors than I had thought. Great day! Hoping that you will return next year.”
“Fantastic information! Please bring Dr. Brown back again!”
“Very helpful. Learned: New perspective on difficult issues – excellent training which I will use with my clients. This is an excellent training. Repeat would be great!”
“Was great – wish there would have been more time! Learned: the contract for care – more compassions for both sides. Want more info. This was a great class.”
“ I learned and enjoyed the info presenter and content of the presentation very much. Learned: conflicts over subject matter that are relevant and so rarely expressed. To make a plan for what may come up for myself or clients regarding death or connection to perpetrator. This was one of my favorite lecturers – thank you.”
“hope to see you next year.  You gave me the courage to speak out when I need to.”
Ellie Fields –
“Good presentation. Learned: first exposure to method. [ Thought Field Therapy].”
“Very good conceptual presentation. Nice experiential presentation.”
“Great presentation.”
Sandra Paulsen –
“Learned: bringing in different cultures, listening to the soul.”
“excellent unit – addressed diversity and accepting and open while conveying important information. Wonderful to hear. Assists with mindset in practice.”
“Very good reminder about gratitudes. Learned: bringing in cultures. Listening to the soul.”
“Loved the opening to intuition.”
“Would have wanted inclusion of RA/MC, but it was helpful. Thank you.”
“Instruction was very knowledgeable about the topic. Learned: Neurobiology integrated into therapeutic practice.”
“Very professional and thoughtful. Learned: to call particular part ‘part of self’ instead of just the name. child as ‘monster’, but only child with fierce defense.”
“Loved it! Learned: Begin before the beginning. Skills of integration. Thank you.”
“Great topic and useful materials.”
“open-heared, honest, helpful, kind and clearly presented. Learned: somatic techniques, EMDR, early trauma protocol. Will attend to more somatic trainings and incorporate techniques into practice.”
“Use of examples very helpful. Learned: Somatic Techniques. To repeat at end of sessions – tucking in. Thank you Sandra!”
“A language to frame and match my practice. Learned: About amnesiac block.”
“Excellent and clear. Learned: EMDR – would like more specifics. Learned more about dissociation.”
“Helpful and informative. Learned: working with introjects.”
These are input from survivors who attended so far – all 5 stars:
“Good work on everyone’s part!”
“I will be attending next year! This conference was very special, important, unforgettable and helpful!”
“This was such an honor to be a part of and I can’t believe I was able to go! The community aspect, the variety of sessions, etc made this a fun experience and life-changing too.”
“I was extremely impressed with the entire Conference. 3 Cheers for Felicity and Crew
Outstanding job.”
“For the first year, I thought it was amazing. I’m sure with time, it will do nothing but improve. I’m so thankful for everyone’s time and effort into making this a success!”
“I’m very happy this was done as it was very educational, validating and helpful. Definitely do it again!”
“ The hotel was beautiful inside and out. Considering we have never done anything like this before, we enjoyed it very very much. we would love to do this again. Hopefully financially we can, cuz it was very very good for us. Thanks to all who made it possible.”
“Our favorite CONFERENCE SPEAKER was Lani Kent; we thoroughly enjoyed the art therapy class. In close 2nd was Ellie Fields followed by a very close Colin Ross.”
“I LOVED it! I loved being staff there, i loved helping out. i loved meeting everyone. i loved being able to HELP. i loved it all! it was wonderful! i loved lani kent’s stuff, too and was glad it was there. it was a wonderful balance to the rest to have her creativity and healing messages there.”
“hotel rooms are really nice, venue is clean and smells good. i want to know more about fms and military ptsd. it was great, thank you”
“Overall the conference was a success. The accommodations were fantastic for the price. I felt honored to hear all of the speakers and learned so much. The energy around the conference area and during presentation was amazing – supportive, accepting, and loving. I can’t wait to go next year.”
“The Ivory Garden Conference on Trauma and Dissociation was the first of it’s kind EVER!  The presentations were all top notch and the people who attended came away with a greater respect and knowledge of what it is like to have DID and Complex PTSD.  Removing these conditions out of the realm of conspiracy- the therapists learned how prevalent these conditions are and what extreme trauma does to the human psyche.  Gaining a greater understanding of how trauma effects the behavior of individuals, now the attendees will be able to take what they know out into the world and help others who were not able to attend.  I look forward to next year’s conference- which is shaping up to be more informative and influential than the first.  Kudos!!”
“The whole conference was a wonderful experience. To get to meet the people I’ve talked with online for so many years was thrilling. I enjoyed the workshops and most of all watching the suite upstairs. There were so many interesting people to meet and for the first time in my life I didn’t need to feel I had to hide who I really am. Colin Ross was amazing and full of helpful information. So were the other speakers. It was great when we got to play during our free time at night also. ….. absolutely made my night the night we decided to go on the town! It was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I will cherish the memories of all the events and the people, especially the person whom I got to room with. She is a super cool gal and I enjoyed her company very much. Thank you Felicity and everyone who made this incredible event take place. It was wonderful. Morgan”
“This conference was beyond amazing.  I felt respected and competent.  No safe or quiet room, no stigma attached to being a survivor.  I felt comfortable and relaxed during the whole thing.  Met so many people, including speakers, artists, and other survivors.  The energy was amazing – supportive and calm.  The plenaries and workshops were informative.  We couldn’t get enough.  Wish it would have lasted longer.  We had a hard time saying goodbye to everyone who came from so far away to be there.  Can’t wait for next year!!!!  Thank you to everyone who so generously donated your time and resources.”
If I misquoted anyone, I apologize.  These quotes came from a form that was passed around and clinicians evaluations.  I will update further.
Thank you all for you input and support of this conference.
Enjoy some pictures:  (people were asked not to take pictures in the conference area).  We have a few.  If anyone else has pictures, please email me felicity4us2@gmail.com if they do not include people or you don’t mind them here.
Those who attended conference - testimonials Conference-bath-300x225
5:00 AM – Felicity and Misty getting ready for the day.
Those who attended conference - testimonials 2014-7-300x168
Lani Kent’s workshop
Those who attended conference - testimonials 2014-conference-pics-300x168
Lani Kent’s exhibit.
Those who attended conference - testimonials Conference-pic-300x225
Setting up for Dr. Colin Ross
Those who attended conference - testimonials 20146-300x168
Lani Kent’s setting up for workshop.
Those who attended conference - testimonials Conferencesuite-225x300
Kathryn in suite -
Those who attended conference - testimonials 20141-300x168
Lani Kent’s exhibit table.
Those who attended conference - testimonials 2014-71-300x168
Lani Kent’s workshop – getting ready to start.

Here is an amazing video that Debbie took during the conference.
She writes, “Ron, one of the attendees of the conference was playing the piano so beautifully , these two balloons were gracefully dancing in the background. Turn up your sound so you can hear the piano.”
Again, a big thank you to all who made such a wonderful weekend possible.

Those who attended conference - testimonials Poly10Those who attended conference - testimonials Signat10

Those who attended conference - testimonials Empty Re: Those who attended conference - testimonials

Post by krathyn on 2/28/2015, 9:32 pm

maybe this is a mite late but the October '14 conference was special.
i was in the suite a lot but did get to hear Colin Ross who spoke of some matters i had trouble with before i knew i had DID, and gave me a new outlook on them.
Had a terriffic roommate, Morgan. Had fun in the Comedy class with Lyn Crook. next time i will try to see more of the speakers.

wishing you well-
Those who attended conference - testimonials 24792 Krathyn, Sebastian, Strawberry, (Kathie 3-9), kathrynmarie
Krathyn of We5:    we accept all intentions of support--


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Those who attended conference - testimonials Empty Re: Those who attended conference - testimonials

Post by Sponsored content

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