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"Hot off the Press" - Laura Brown Announcement - "Not the price of admission: Healthy relationships after childhood trauma"

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

"Hot off the Press" - Laura Brown Announcement - "Not the price of admission: Healthy relationships after childhood trauma"

Post by felicity on 3/13/2016, 1:15 pm

Dear friends, colleagues, and subscribers,

I'm thrilled to tell you that my latest book, Not the price of admission: Healthy relationships after childhood trauma, has been published and is available for purchase as either a paperback or Kindle edition. You can read the first chapter for free if you'd like to sample before you buy. I hope you'll buy the book, let friends and colleagues know about it, and leave your comments and ratings on its Amazon page. As a self-publisher, I rely on my readers to get the word out, as you all did so remarkably with Your turn for care: Surviving the aging and death of the adults who harmed you. I apologize in advance if you receive more than one of these emails, as I'm consolidating several lists.

The road to this book was definitely not a straight one. When last you heard from me I was on round one of the writing process. I went on a writing retreat to the Big Island of Hawai'i in March, and spent hours every day in front of the computer, looking out over the ocean and the tide pools at Kapoho, writing until my fingers hurt. When I returned to Seattle, the book was almost finished. I backed up the draft on my flash drive and my computer's desktop.

In May, with Memorial Day weekend coming. I  thought I would have several days available with time to write. I hoped I'd finish the book. Then life, in the form of thieves, intervened. I went out for an evening. forgot to lock the back door, and came home four hours later to find the house plundered. Many many things were missing. Computer, gone. Flash drive, also gone. Manuscript, in the wind. Everything else that the thieves took was replaceable. The book, not replaceable at all. I write as a sort of cognitive giving birth, pouring out onto a keyboard the ideas that have been gestating in my head for months, sometimes years. No outlines, no hand-written notes. I was devastated and grief-stricken.
And fortunate. I had a hunch that I knew who my thieves were. My neighborhood is home to a loose collection of methamphetamine addicts who steal packages off porches, break car windows, and case back yards for doors, like ours, left unlocked. I knew where they hung out—the local convenience stores selling tobacco, alcohol, and sugary snacks. I found a photo of the flash drive online, made up a poster, and plastered my neighborhood, particularly the area around those stores, with an reward offer, no questions asked. Four days later an anxious and uncomfortable man showed up at my door with my flash drive, all of its contents intact. My book was back.
So in October, I returned to Kapoho and completed Not the price of admission. We shot the photo for the cover; new life growing out of a lava flow that had obliterated the community of Kalapana and its black sand beach 25 years ago. With the assistance of a wonderful group of editors and designers, I was able to publish this child of my heart and brain just before the winter solstice of 2015.
The experience of loss and recovery associated with this book made this a stronger and better manuscript, more dear to me because it was almost lost and gone forever (and yes, I do now back everything up into the Cloud). Immersing myself in the challenges and struggles of people who had less-than-adequate experiences of attachment, love, care, and connection in childhood, and sharing the hope, strength, and compassion that I have been taught by my work with those folks, made the writing process transformative for me. I’m excited about this book because I think that it fills a gap and will empower people to have a sense of how to create the quality of connection with others that has been difficult for them to achieve.
Because the work of a therapist and a writer tends to be somewhat solitary, it's always a treat to discover that my work is showing up in your lives. Hearing from you about my work reminds me that while I sit by myself at the computer, there's a whole world of folks who I have the honor to touch. Thanks to all of you.

1,000+ Posts
1,000+ Posts

Re: "Hot off the Press" - Laura Brown Announcement - "Not the price of admission: Healthy relationships after childhood trauma"

Post by MultipleMe on 3/13/2016, 2:29 pm

Wow what a story. I'm sure all the effort and pain she endured will be the backbone of her book. Thanks for sharing, Felicity.
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