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Irritable and Scared


Irritable and Scared  Empty Irritable and Scared

Post by Guest on 8/27/2012, 4:56 pm

I have said for years that I had multiple personalities, and those who know me best could agree; that is, I have tendencies to do things for no reason, and I don’t know why I’m acting the way I am, so I playfully accused it on the “other me”.

I am no longer that little girl, I am now an adult with real personality issues, and I’m struggling to stay the one in charge.

I turned 31 recently, and with it came the onset of major personality conflicts: I don’t want to cooperate in life, I find myself sabotaging my goals and I’ve even gotten into 3 fistfights with myself this year!

I have been aware of the others, how they killed me and took over my body, and how when I was nearly incarcerated 5 years later, when they realized how important a leader is, I was freed from the closet in my mind; only recently my “other me” has been challenging for “equal time”.

I promised her that I would let her make more choices; it was a decision based upon fear that she would gang up on me and take over again; so in attempts to stay in control, I’ve allowed her equal reign.

Only, she wants to do things that are not a priority to our goals. I graduate with my AA and transfer this year, she wants to become a vender and sew for a living. I am in a long-term relationship, she wants to run away and become a call-girl. I want to show my children what it means to be a responsible civil adult, she wants to hit them and hurt them. I don’t know what to do.
And I feel like I’m losing control.

I told the doctor about it today, and now I feel so unclean. I want to scrub my insides out with a bristle brush. I want to make it go away, but I know it won’t.

I’ve said for years that there is another me, and the more I delve, the more I meet. I think I have six, and two of them don’t get along. Their bickering is driving me mad, it is so hard to focus on anything but staying calm, and often that means staying disconnected from life, from my family, and from myself.

Please help me by suggesting how you manage. I need energy, and focus, and love.

Irritable and Scared  Empty Re: Irritable and Scared

Post by Guest on 8/27/2012, 6:07 pm

it takes time but co-operation is what is needed. Idealy one strong alter who can look after the system, not necessarly the host. It is harder for the host to handle the others but if no one else will do it I guess you have to try.

Irritable and Scared  Empty Re: Irritable and Scared

Post by Guest on 8/29/2012, 11:21 am

Thank you, I have a main alter, and she is a warrior of sorts. I have been trying to manage myself, and I feel more overwhelmed then usual. Would you suggest that I just check in to see what is happening with her, rather then keep track of all of it myself?

Irritable and Scared  Empty Re: Irritable and Scared

Post by Guest on 8/29/2012, 3:49 pm

Yes that is a very good idea, she might be able to get your system under control for you, or at least make it more bearable.

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Irritable and Scared  Empty Re: Irritable and Scared

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