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The Politics of Child Abuse

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

The Politics of Child Abuse

Post by felicity on 9/2/2013, 1:54 pm

This video was presented by Felicity Lee and David Shurter - focusing on the problem of public misinformation, which has led to child abusers and predators walking free as well as an inability of survivors to obtain good mental health treatment.  

We hope that you like it.  It is a bit 'informal' -

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10,000+ Posts
10,000+ Posts

Re: The Politics of Child Abuse

Post by TeamMe on 9/2/2013, 3:18 pm

In the webinar it is stated that the number of cases of FM idiots pressing charges has dropped since the 90's. Is this true? Is it showing more now that the victims are being believed and supported?
Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

Re: The Politics of Child Abuse

Post by felicity on 9/2/2013, 4:20 pm

So, before the 1990's and after the CAPTA laws - the public was listening to survivors of abuse and attending to how to use the funds to protect children.

Then, the FMSF idiots came along in the early 90's - and, the public began focusing on the notion of 'false memory syndrome' and false accusations of abuse. This has not stopped. In fact now, I would say that our biggest problem is that we have been 'hearing' the media talk about all these 'false memory cases' and new research proving 'false memories' etc. that actual child abuse has been ignored for so long that these huge statistics are now the public has to deal with.

Does that make more sense?

A survivor's biggest problem right now is being heard and believed. The mental health community's biggest problem is being able to do their job without fear of being sued for 'implanting false memories'. The mandatory reporters' biggest job is being able to report child abuse without fear of retaliation from false memory advocates. And, the public's hardest job is to finally, come to the conclusion that these 'false memory' advocates are and always have been focused on protecting and defending child abusers - not the children or abuse survivors. Once we are free of the 'false memory' advocates, everyone will be able to do their job without fear.

Well.... the video's been up for nearly an hour, and I have already had a false memory idiot threaten to sue me - hmmm - I would rather be poor and on the street than listen to one more pdoc tell me that there is no such thing as DID or that all my memories are fake. I am so sick if this bs.

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Re: The Politics of Child Abuse

Post by Sponsored content

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