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'Understanding Child Abuse' A video

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

'Understanding Child Abuse' A video Empty 'Understanding Child Abuse' A video

Post by felicity on 12/14/2013, 9:09 am

I made this video with thoughts about how difficult it is when we fear 'telling' about our abuser/abusers even long after it is over, even in therapy.  The fear comes from how we are raised through the abuse, what we are told, the threats we hear as children.  The fear of not being believed, of being told we are "liars" becomes a reenactment of the abuse we suffered as children when we hear about the 'false memory' theories that are promoted through such groups as the FMSF.  These theories, though never proven, are accepted by some mental health professionals and much of the public.  The notion that therapists can 'implant memories' is ridiculous.  

What hurts most for survivors and/or children who have suffered abuse is the 'not being believed'.  The fear is such that it can silence us - protecting the abusers and keeping us in fear of 'telling'.  There is a lot of child abuse in the world - and, many profiting from the abuse of children.  It is not surprising that silencing survivors and children who suffer abuse is as rampant as the abuse itself.  

I feel that the actual 'perpetrators' are those who work so hard to promote public belief that child abuse is over-reported, that most abusers are innocent, that reporters are suffering from 'false memory syndrome' (not an actual syndrome, being disproved scientifically), that therapists implant 'false memories, and that supporters of children and survivors of child abuse are also "liars" out to exploit them.  We know that these are lies.

We also know that there are the mental health professionals and supporters who work diligently to bring valid and reliable information to the public and to provide needed support for the children and survivors.

Unfortunately, many who are suffering abuse are not believed.  

I didn't include this in the video - but, would like to thank those who listen without judgement - who never 'doubt' us - allowing us the freedom and respect we have always deserved to tell our story as it happened.  Nothing hurts worse than to be rejected and called 'liars'.  And, to say that 'anyone' is suffering from 'false memory syndrome' - IS to call them 'liars'.  

Enjoy the video -

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5,000+ Posts

'Understanding Child Abuse' A video Empty Re: 'Understanding Child Abuse' A video

Post by Morgan on 12/14/2013, 3:08 pm

That was very, very touching and very, very truthful. Thank you Felicity for speaking for all of us. Morgan
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'Understanding Child Abuse' A video Empty Re: 'Understanding Child Abuse' A video

Post by jules4002 on 12/15/2013, 3:52 pm

Powerful thank you

'Understanding Child Abuse' A video Empty Re: 'Understanding Child Abuse' A video

Post by Guest on 6/7/2014, 11:27 pm

You couldn't have said all that better. I really like your video. Sorry about your sister.

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'Understanding Child Abuse' A video Empty Re: 'Understanding Child Abuse' A video

Post by Sponsored content

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