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Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed Empty Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed

Post by felicity on 12/19/2013, 8:48 pm

Check this out - I am so very happy that this is being dismissed.


We can discuss this here if you like. But, wanted to bring it to your attention.

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1,000+ Posts
1,000+ Posts

Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed Empty Re: Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed

Post by 12Dragons on 12/24/2013, 5:15 am

Okay. Here is what we've gathered from the article:
1. The lawsuits were filed by patients who came to disbelieve whatever was revealed during their stay. Imagine these women going in for an Eating Disorder, and coming home with a diagnosis of DID with a history of SRA. They couldn't believe it, and so they sued.
2. The organization claiming to be victims of the place are those accused of perpetrating upon the patients.

So, for me, either the power of denial is way out of hand in this case, or something about the therapy there is going wrong. The former is easy to believe, and the latter is hard to swallow. I wish I could know the truth of this. One of my fears is that I've driven away people who love me because of the memories which have come out. I know for myself there were no false memories created. I know half my family thinks false memories are the only reason I have accused Her. Unfortunately for the law, memories from 30+ years ago are not enough to convict.

Imagine if you will, breaking ties from your perp, only to have them sue the hospital that is helping you. And even gather the perps of the other patients you called friends and that gang of perps trying to shut down the center of healing. That's what it sounds like is happening here.

Okay. Now I'm properly angry. That's much better.

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed Empty Re: Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed

Post by felicity on 12/25/2013, 9:30 am

I have followed this for the last couple years.  I know that Schwartz is a good therapist.  I know people who have gone to this h and gotten lots of help and good therapy.

It seems that one girl - a journalist (I believe - have to go check) who also happens to know Debbie Nathan.  I am not saying that she was a plant - but the FMSF folks are ruthless and have been known to send in plants.

So, she files a suit that this doctor 'implanted' memories that she had eaten babies about walked around in a black robe chanting.  (I believe she did this from the h).  Then, not much after that, another patient begins claiming the exact same experiences - then, awhile later two more patients - ALL ate babies and walked about in black robes chanting.  

There was a group that began publicizing 'for' these women and against Castlewood called 'Castlewood Victims Unite'.  I went over about a year ago to see 'who' this group was - and well... there were only two member - Elizabeth Loftus (false-memory guru) - who founded the group on facebook and one of the mothers of the girl.  When I mentioned this in one of their public news comment sections, the picture and information about Elizabeth Loftus was immediately removed from view.  

This all begins to stink, imho.  And, these lawsuits are to the tune of literally millions of dollars.  

They are tricky in the way that they structure these.  They put out lots of propaganda about 'false memory syndrome' (which is not a 'real' syndrome, but coined by the FMSF - whose members are the attorneys for these cases.  Their evidence has always been based on their credentials - rather than any scientific evidence that any such thing could happen - in fact, the opposite.  It has been proved that a therapist cannot 'implant false memories' in someones brain - but, 'expert witnesses' (like Elizabeth Loftus) make a ton of money using their credentials only to prove they can.

Also, they have spent since the 90's actually putting out movies and public propaganda that there is such a thing as 'false memory syndrome', that there is no such thing as SRA, and that child abuse is over-reported - and that there is no such thing as DID.  Without the public believing this nonsense, these lawsuits would be laughed out of court.  

On the same line of reasoning, the survivors/victims have come to believe that the public will not believe them. Therefore, they are afraid to speak out.

I think that this case was one that was 'set up' to bring the public attention back to these sorts of cases, because the public IS beginning to realize that court cases like this are done to make the FMSF and associates - tons of money.  

Okay, so - where do we stand in this.  We 'know' that SRA is real, that DID does exist, and that child abuse is under-reported.  We are part of the public, and the 'false memory advocates' use us as part of it all - by putting just the right amount of doubt, shame, embarrassment into us to keep us silent.  If we were all to speak up and say, "Hey, you all are full of shit - here's how it works," they would be out of business.  Both through their ridiculous lawsuits and using children for profit.  

Because nothing in this lawsuit makes sense.  First, let's imagine the first girl goes in for therapy.  (This did happen) - she tells the t that she remembers eating babies in a ritual.  Well.. he can't really call her a liar - so he validates her experience.  Then, suddenly - she doesn't believe that she ate babies - since, she filed suit against the h for the therapist implanting that memory.  Okay, now - we have a patient that is totally suffering from irrational thinking.  'That' is the symptom that should have been treated.  You don't tell someone you ate babies, then, turn around and say you didn't, then, turn around and say the t implanted the memory, then turn around and call an attorney - because you are so very stable to testify to such.

The whole thing comes down to 'who' is the attorney - how many expert witnesses can you gather to convince a jury that a t can and did implant such a memory - IN 4 WOMEN - magical therapist.

So, I am angry also - that is the sort of shenanigans that should be snickered at -

and, how does any of this help these girls - they will spend the rest of their life talking about how the 'therapist' was the abuser despite that they went to this h with abusive backgrounds - denial - that is what keeps these cases alive and what hurts survivors.  I would rather believe the therapist implanted memories than do the work to discover my own story.

Sorry for the ramble.  I find it interesting that our society goes along with bs like this lawsuit.

Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed Poly10Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed Signat10

Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed Empty Re: Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed

Post by Guest on 1/1/2014, 8:22 pm

I live in StL and work close enough in the industry that I have heard a lot from many different sides and opinions of this story and could go onto a soap box. This was all very messy and I am glad that it's over.

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Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed Empty Re: Castlewood eating disorder lawsuit to be dismissed

Post by Sponsored content

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