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To provide a unique environment where folks who have experienced trauma can openly and safely talk. We strive to respect, validate, and learn from each other.


Achieving our goal requires cooperative collaboration amongst members and staff. Members posts remain appropriate and relevant to topics. Terms of Service are clearly posted to help members maintain the dignity of the board. Members of this group are at a stage in their healing to independently regulate their own behavior, as well as keeping themselves safe while on the forums. Staff regularly monitor posts and replies to ensure the board remains a safe and comfortable environment of learning for everyone.

As a friendly and kind community, we validate each other as equally special and significant.

These forums are active and the community not too large or too small - about 400 posts per day. There are many forums on different topics. The topics range in subject matter also. You are welcome to interact as you feel comfortable.

This is a safe place for members. We encourage building coping skills, learning from each other and material shared. We discourage sharing explicit memories of past abuse. We feel that processing memories be done with professionals. There are no practicing therapists on these forums. Therefore, topics that call for therapist type responses are discouraged.

Feel free to look around. Realize that, as a guest, your view of the forums is minimal. These forums are otherwise private to the public view and/or search engines.

We have literally hundreds of articles and provide workshops for everyone. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions. I am also providing a tutorial that should help with navigating our site.

The very best to you,
Felicity Lee

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"Trauma and Dissociation" Conference Ivory Garden

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

"Trauma and Dissociation" Conference Ivory Garden Empty "Trauma and Dissociation" Conference Ivory Garden

Post by felicity on 2/5/2014, 7:16 pm

These are some questions that have been frequently asked. If you have questions, present them here so that we can update the list for everyone. Remember that this is an open public forum.

1. How will I recognize an Ivory Garden (or another group) member? Will they have special name tags, lanyards, etc?

Yes. Everyone attending the conference will have a greenish – teal colored lanyard. You may choose what you would like your name tag to read. If you are from IGDID.com, you may put that on your tag. If you are from another group, you are welcome to request to have your group name on your name tag. If you are there as a speaker, we will add that, and so on. Whatever you like.

2. I belong to another online support group and have heard that I am not welcome to this conference? Is that true?

No, absolutely not! Please don’t trust anyone who tells you any such thing, because that person(s) would have their own agenda – since the information on this conference is clearly written here for all to read. Many people have volunteered hours of time putting this conference together for everyone to enjoy. Many others will volunteer more time to present the conference for all of you. Why? Because survivors are so very important, and clinicians deserve the best, and supporters need information. If you ‘hear’ anything about this conference that you don’t see here, please contact Felicity Lee at felicity4us2@gmail.com to get the ‘correct’ information. We hope that all survivors consider coming – if you can. It is a chance to learn with wonderfully gifted mental health professionals, meeting other survivors, and just plain having fun. We hope that we have a good showing from the survivor community. This is an important event for all of us. :) If you can afford only one conference this year, I would recommend this be the one you choose. Check out the schedule and compare – This conference has been carefully organized to benefit everyone – and, NEVER has there been a conference like this where survivors are included in educational workshops with such qualified speakers and/or clinicians and survivors all working together to learn and experience from such compassion and comradery. Amazing and brilliant!!

3. Are there volunteer opportunities open?

Yes, we have many volunteer positions open and would appreciate the help. Email felicity4us2@gmail.com

4. Will there be scholarships available?

Yes, but as of now, there are few. If you wish to donate to scholarships, please let us know.

5. How do the room rates work?

We have a block of 30 rooms at the rate of $104 for 1 or 2 people – $109 for 3 or 4 (only on Friday and Sat) and 10 rooms for $129 for Thursday. When these rooms are full, there will be no special rates. You can book outside of this block and even get better rates right now. I (Felicity) have booked 6 rooms for all three nights at $95.00 a night, just in case we run out. If you book outside the Ivory Garden block, we still get credit for the rooms – remember to ask for rooms ‘inside’ the main hotel. And, mention ‘Ivory Garden’ if you are booking within our block. Please check ‘lodging’ for updates and/or email felicity at felicity4us2@gmail.com for help if you have trouble booking.

6. Can I sponsor another person?

Yes, just complete the sponsor form and let us know that you are sponsoring a person and/or contact Felicity at felicity4us2@gmail.com for help.

7. Is food allowed in the rooms?

Yes, you can bring food into your rooms, just not into the conference rooms.

8. Is there fridge and/or microwaves available?

Yes, for a fee – call the hotel for clarification.

9. This conference is hosted by Ivory Garden. Is it only for members of IGDID.com?

Absolutely not. Again, anyone who tells you differently is out and out lying for their own agenda. I would not miss this conference because of what someone says. Check it out yourself or write to felicity at felicity4us2@gmail.com. IGDID.com members are those who requested this conference and are the ‘backbone’ for the overall organization, ALL ‘trauma’ survivors (including those from other boards) are more than welcome; as are professionals (teachers, therapists, etc); and friends, family, and other supporters.

10. There is a message board set up for the conference – including chat rooms http://igdid.forumotion.com/ – Who can participate on this forum?

Anyone who has registered for the conference, speakers, volunteers/planners (whether they are going or not).

11. What about room-sharing – how do we set them up?

We are using the forum http://igdid.forumotion.com/- where you can talk about room sharing and exchange information in the personal mail (at your own discretion). You can also talk about this in chat on that forum.

12. What about ride-sharing.

The same as number 10.

13. Is there a maximum number of attendees?

Yes, the attendees will be limited to 350 people, because of space and comfort.

14. What type of topics will be covered at the conference.

I have posted the schedules for each day – as well as the speakers, and details of all workshops and plenaries.

15. What about speakers? The speakers are all qualified and specialists in their subject areas.

16. Is there wifi at the hotel?

Yes, but not in the conference rooms. This is for the safety of attendees. Cell phones will also need to be turned off.

17. Will there be clock hours available for professionals?

Yes, for therapists and teachers – this information is not available, but will be posted with the workshops.

18. Will there be an art show? Yes

19. Will conference be filmed?

Yes, we are intending to film the presenters with their permission.

20. What about security?

The hotel provides security. Attendance will be restricted to those who registered through the website previous to the conference. If we need extra security, we will provide it.

21. How are the conference rooms setup?

There is one large room which can accommodate about 500 people. It has three ‘breakout’ rooms. For plenaries, we will have all three rooms open. For workshops, we will have the room broken up depending on the speaker and topic. One room will always be available for more light and fun activities where folks can go if feeling overwhelmed.

22. How can I sponsor this conference?

There is a form on this website. If you know of anyone who would be interesting in sponsoring, please direct them to this website.

23. Will there be something like a ‘safe room’ for people who become ‘overwhelmed’?

We are keeping one of the breakout rooms open with light and fun activities. We will have a suite for a quiet spot if needed by anyone. There are also several ‘quiet’ areas close by the conference. Attendees should be far enough along in healing to be responsible for taking care of themselves and/or bringing along someone to help – if they are not. Questions about this can be referred to felicity at felicity4us2@gmail.com.

24. Is this conference meant to replicate any other conference?

This conference is unlike any other conference, because it is designed for professionals, survivors, and supporters to work together in way that benefits everyone. None of the workshops will exclude anyone – all are welcome to attend. This conference is not just for folks with DID – though some of the topics will cover DID, it is for all ‘trauma survivors’. supporters, and clinicians - and topics will relate accordingly.

25. Who is sponsoring this conference?

Unless otherwise listed as sponsors, Ivory Garden is exclusively and proudly sponsoring this conference. Ivory Garden is not associated with any other group, organization, or similar event.

26. How is this conference being financed?

This conference is dependent on donations (including registration fees) and sponsors’ generosity. Ivory Garden is a nonprofit – 501(c)(3) Corporation (for more information, contact Lori King – Vice President/Treasurer).

27. How is this conference being advertised?

This question has been asked – people wanting clarification. We have distributed about 90 pamphlets. Otherwise, it has only been advertised on the internet for now. The hope is that the survivors who want to come will register while the price is still low and before we run out of room. Thus far, we have about 60 people who have registered coming from all over the country and 2 other countries – mostly survivors and family. We are hoping that trauma survivors from other boards/sites would want to take advantage of seeing these amazing speakers. All of us from igdid.com welcome everyone and would love to meet other survivors.

We will be making the conference information more public soon, especially in the Seattle area, which will create excitement for professionals and survivors who only have to drive a short distance. The way things look, that will fill our attendance maximum of 350 people.

28. Who can I write to if I have questions about this conference?

If you have any questions, please contact Felicity at felicity4us2@gmail.com. This is where you will get the correct information and/or clarification and answers to any of your questions. Also, we can add your question to this list, which will help others who may have the same question.

Thank you for your patience.

Felicity Lee

For more information - http://igdid.org/

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