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TOP DD Study - what participating is like

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

TOP DD Study - what participating is like Empty TOP DD Study - what participating is like

Post by felicity on 8/22/2015, 8:51 pm

Hi all, I received this via email and thought everyone would be interested in what it is like to be a participant of the study:

The TopDD study is a year-long study that provides weekly videos, written assignments and practice exercises that we work with our therapists on. The combination of video/written exercise/practice exercise helps us to understand the way our brain works based on how we experienced trauma in childhood.

Each week we work on new ways to redirect our brains away from the dissociative ways we survived childhood, and gaining new coping skills so that we can begin to slowly dissociate less and experience life in a more grounded, minute to minute, day to day, way. We learn about the neural pathways that developed in childhood, and how we can slowly change the neural pathways so that we don't need to dissociate so often.

We learn how to spend more time in a comfortable "window of tolerance" and to know actions to take when our feelings are above or below the window of tolerance. I am on week 27 of the 52-week program, and have gone from being mostly triggered throughout the days and nights to a place where we can feel more safe and have good feelings. It's hard work, and it's daily work, but the results have been positive.

TopDD videos speak of exactly what our issues are. They understand the triggers and the hardships. They understand dissociation and are helpful with tools to get through the hard times. The program works at changing our old neural pathways that were formed in childhood, and slowly changing these pathways to allow feeling safe, not feeling alone, less terror, etc...

All you need to take part in TopDD is a therapist who also goes through the videos and can help with the written and practice exercises. There is no charge to be part of the program. It has helped me immensely, and I recommend the program for anyone with dissociative disorders. The people at TopDD have spent years putting the program together, and it does help with coping with dissociative disorders.

I'm excited that TopDD is being recognized by Ivory Gardens and I am grateful that they are helping to spread the word that TopDD exists. So many of us can benefit from the program. We dont have to live alone with pain, shame, sadness, anger, etc... in adulthood. We can work through it and live the lives we were meant to have. TopDD is a life-saver.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

TOP DD Study - what participating is like Poly10TOP DD Study - what participating is like Signat10

TOP DD Study - what participating is like Empty Re: TOP DD Study - what participating is like

Post by Guest on 8/22/2015, 9:24 pm

Wow. That is super good news that this person benefited so much already. It makes me optimistic about the future for those much younger than me. Glad they are doing good work.
I would consider doing this, but I believe I read somewhere each T can only have one patient doing the study. I have a feeling my T already has someone in the study since she used to work with the people doing the study. Maybe a new study will come out that doesn't have that requirement. I am willing to do hard work to get better...

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