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As a friendly and kind community, we validate each other as equally special and significant.

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Planning the 2016 Conference - some information

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

Planning the 2016 Conference - some information Empty Planning the 2016 Conference - some information

Post by felicity on 12/17/2015, 3:07 pm

Okay, we are in the midst of planning the 2016 conference.

Oct 7-9th, 2016
Venue: Ramada Inn - in Kent near Seattle. The venue has two conference rooms - one seats about 140 and the other about 50 folks. There are about 6-8 exhibit tables. It is a bit more cozy, but still with the amenities and shuttle service. We want this conference to have an atmosphere of warmth and community. There will be one speaker at a time - with the second room still having crafts, other speakers, etc.

Speakers who are for sure right now:

Colin Ross, M.D.
Laura Brown, Ph.D
A. Steven Frankel, Ph.D, J. D.
Joan C. Golston, DCSW, LICSW
Mary Knight
Stacy Sprout

preliminary (invited)

David Calof
Thomas Carlton, M.D.
Lynn Crook

The topic will be "Perspectives on 'Trauma Informed Care' and 'Resilience Building" with an emphasis on how survivors react to situations/stimuli differently than non-traumatized folks - and, why empathy, understanding these reactions, etc. is important when treating, teaching, or interacting with survivors - or similar.

CEU's will be available. Friday will be a day for Ethics and Law workshops. And, I am unsure what will be in the smaller room.

I want you all to be aware that this is being planned right now. I just began the process several days ago. That is all of the information that I have right now for everyone.

If you have an interest in presenting - please email me.

I am so excited as I plan this conference more. As you probably guessed, seating will be limited to about 150 folks. This year, our attendance was close to 200 people. We heard everyone and read you input and CEU's. As was requested by many, we have chosen a much smaller venue where everyone will have more time and space to meet and spend time together. The venue is much less expensive as far as room rates also. The conference rooms and rooms are very nice. I cannot say for sure that this venue will remain as I have not met with the folks there to put it all together. If not, I will update immediately.

I have not promoted this conference as of yet, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up of the date and intentions. I will be setting up a website that will ensure everyone knows what's up. I will also set up registration soon.

I think this conference will be amazing and give everyone a chance to meet up, gain some insight into the affects of trauma from different perspectives, and have a really great time as well.

We are looking forward to it - and, seeing everyone again next year. I am open to suggestions at this early date - please email me with questions, suggestions, etc.

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Planning the 2016 Conference - some information Empty Re: Planning the 2016 Conference - some information

Post by MultipleMe on 12/17/2015, 7:35 pm

How exciting! What a great surprise! :)

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