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Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference Empty Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference

Post by felicity on 7/9/2016, 3:54 pm

Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference

Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference

Every year, a nonprofit, charitable organization hosts a conference near Seattle.  The organization is Ivory Garden Nonprofit Corporation.  As unique as the conference itself, this group promotes education and awareness for virtually anyone interested in childhood trauma and how it affects people.  Survivors of abuse, professionals, and similar nonprofit organizations will again gather this year in Seattle to hear world-renowned speakers, authors, and researchers who volunteer their time to help fulfill the purpose of educating and raising awareness of childhood trauma, treatments that benefit folks struggling with symptoms of trauma, and how survivors of trauma can best cope.
Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference Loewenstein-300x200Dr. Loewenstein presentation 2015 Trauma and Dissociation Conference
This year the theme of the conference is:
“Perspectives on Trauma-Informed Care”
Attendees will be able to:
1. Describe the components of trauma-informed care, and how they differ from standard care.
2. Describe the basic physiology of the trauma response in mammals.
3. Describe the concept of complex PTSD and the symptoms it includes.
4. Describe the role of trauma in psychosis and depression.
5. Describe the core features of a teaching program for trauma-informed care.
This may sound like any other conference or seminar where professionals go to get their credit hours fulfilled.   After all, 17 CEU’s with certificates are available with certificate to Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Licensed Mental Health Counselors (Provider number#1975-362) through NASW.
What makes this conference so unique?
Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference Colinrossplenary-300x181Colin Ross, M.D. 2015 Trauma and Dissociation Plenary
Firstly, Ivory Garden has no personal agenda in hosting the conference.  The event is a fundraiser, the speakers and sponsors do not represent any one organization, and many points of view and paradigms are presented to a diverse audience: teachers, students, clinicians, therapists, nurses, doctors, supporters of abuse survivors, social workers, abuse survivors, and even the general public.  The term ‘perspectives’ creates the feel for the conference; many perspectives will be explored.
Secondly, the conference is professionally planned with seemingly every effort made to create a special weekend for all.  Conference planners take into account everyone’s needs, including offering food for those who can’t afford all of the expenses, providing entertainment in the evening, a warm venue, discounted rooms, and tables for sponsors at no expense to them.  Even the registration donation for three full days filled with activities, educational workshops, and plenaries is well below what similar conferences would cost.
Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference IMG_20151017_213743-300x278Dr. Loewenstein and Kate White Entertainment 2015 Trauma and Dissociation Conference
Thirdly and most importantly is their belief that everyone can come together for one purpose: education.  They put this ideal into motion by pulling together clinicians, survivors, supporters, and other professionals for one unique weekend.  All interact on the same level – as peers.  Everyone benefits and understands that all are significant; whether a PhD or a housekeeper, all are welcome to attend the same workshops and lectures.  Within this environment where stigma, opinion, and prejudice is left outside the door, people feel free and open to acceptance and respect.  Survivors are empowered to learn from the best speakers in the world.  This does not happen at similar conferences that exclude survivors/clients from the very education that is most important to their healing and journey out of the past abuse that has affected their lives.

Interestingly, this nonprofit organization has spent a decade raising awareness of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), a common effect of early childhood trauma, yet still controversial today.  Though some fifty of the attendees who attend are survivors of abuse and diagnosed with DID, they do not fit the notion of how people with DID should behave.  This is clearly an anomaly within the mental health community as well as validating to those survivors.  They are as able to learn, relate, and participate in PhD level workshops and presentations for three full days. Despite popular opinion, this demonstrates that survivors who have DID are as capable and intelligent as anyone else.  In fact, no one is designated by their status during the conference.  Unlike other conferences, no one knows who is who.  Attendees decide what to put on their name tags and most people who attend this conference choose to only display a first name.  This is clearly an intriguing event.   Since about 80% of the guests come from all over the world, they stay at the hotel throughout the weekend.  No telling who you might meet during this conference.
In keeping with the spirit, the controversy surrounding different types of abuse, including Satanic Ritual Abuse, human trafficking, and Mind Control, is ignored and discussed in workshops and plenaries openly and accepted as they are – one more type of childhood trauma.  All workshops and lectures are presented by experts in their field.
I highly recommend this conference.  It certainly is not simply about fulfilling your continuing education hours or meeting up with peers, but more about experiencing something that has been and remains a unique human experience.
Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference Ivory_Garden_Vendor_5-1-300x300UBH in Denton – Sponsor 2015 Trauma and Dissociation Conference
When asked what he thought of the first conference, one attendee, responded:
“Overall the conference was a success. The accommodations were fantastic for the price. I felt honored to hear all of the speakers and learned so much. The energy around the conference area and during presentation was amazing – supportive, accepting, and loving. I can’t wait to go next year.”
We asked a clinician her thoughts:
“This was such an honor to be a part of and I can’t believe I was able to go! The community aspect, the variety of sessions, etc. made this a fun experience and life-changing too.”
During the second conference, one survivor/clinician stated:
“Two years ago Ivory Gardens had their 1st Conference in Seattle, Washington.  I was so excited to meet the people who had shared so much with me.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the conference being the first one and being a small non-profit.  I must tell you I was simply amazed!  The speakers were authors, doctors, clinicians, and survivors; folks that lecture all over the world!  Plus they went to all the trouble to get Continuing Education Units for nurses and clinicians.  Really top-notch conference!  The 2nd year was bigger than the first year with a live
Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference IMG_20151017_210037308-300x169Dr. Loewenstein and conference guest.
band in the evening, which was a lot of fun!  So many volunteers, doctors, nurses, and clinicians that were truly passionate about doing this very difficult work.  Family members, friends, and survivors are looking for ways to build knowledge and feel empowered to continue their journey with grace, it was truly awesome!  The volunteers had a spark in their eye and offered hope to those who were struggling.”
Regardless of where you live, if you have an interest in early childhood trauma, human trafficking, or child abuse today, don’t miss this unique chance to let your hair down and enjoy a weekend that you will not soon forget.
If you are interested in finding about more, visit 2016 Trauma and Dissociation Conference.
Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference Banner51-201x300Ivory Garden Banner 2015 Trauma and Dissociation Conference

taken from http://dreamernews.org/unique-trauma-informed-care-conference/ - with permission

Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference Poly10Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference Signat10
Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference Empty Re: Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference

Post by felicity on 7/9/2016, 3:59 pm

This is an amazing article. 

Please like and share the article - it is on the link a the bottom or you can click the share button at the top right of the article here.

Wow - I am so excited.  The hotel is nearly full and everything is going smoothly - I can't wait to do this again.  

Thanks to all of you have been helping out and who have volunteered to help at the conference - you are all amazing

And thank you for the support - this article, NAMI, SIDRAN, Ross Institute, Sheppard Pratt - and so many, many more - you are all the best!   Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference 8866 Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference 8866 Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference 8866

Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference Poly10Unique Trauma-Informed Care Conference Signat10

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