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Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference – Thinking About Coming?

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference  – Thinking About Coming? Empty Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference – Thinking About Coming?

Post by felicity on 9/17/2016, 12:25 pm

Seattle Conference – Thinking About Coming?

2016 Seattle Trauma Conference – clarification of agendas, schedules, what to expect.

So many out there have thought about attending this conference –  survivors, clinicians, other professionals, and supporters.

I talk to people everyday who don’t have a ‘feel’ for what this conference is about or how it is set up.  When I explain in more detail, they ask why it is not promoted more clearly.  I apologize for leaving out what seems to be more pertinent information.

Firstly, this conference is unique in so many ways.  It is a fundraiser.  Money received is spent on running the conference and/or providing for people financial help attending.  All speakers volunteer their time and expertise for the purpose of providing expert information, education, and awareness to clinicians, survivors, professionals, and supporters, because they care.  Everyone involved volunteers their time – the websites are built by me, the forums are monitored by volunteers, the conferences is promoted by volunteers – no one is paid for their services.  Many people put in their time to ensure the best conferences possible – because they care.  The success of the conference is dependent on supporters’ donations, and registration.

Secondly, there is no ‘agenda’ behind the purpose of the conference.  The conference is called the ‘2016 Trauma and Dissociation Conference’ simply because the focus of all speakers is on how early childhood trauma affects people.  Everyone, whom is interested in trauma is invited.  This is what makes the conference so unique.  Ivory Garden is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to bringing awareness and education to everyone and anyone affected by or working with children and/or adults affected by childhood trauma.  Attendees and speakers do come from all over the world to experience an event where world renowned speakers are able to present to a diverse audience.  Presentations and workshops are unique for clinicians and professionals who have only attended conferences set up ‘for’ professionals.  Survivors will never get a chance to see these speakers, much less meet them in person and ask them questions.

Thirdly, speakers present many different models of psychology and information allowing for participants to leave with a variety of tools to use as they please.  Planners come from all walks of life – teachers, nurses, therapists, psychiatrists, survivors, and supporters – all giving their input as to what they would like to hear and whom they would like to speak, etc.  We take all input into consideration and plan from there.  Interestingly, based on input, the conference becomes an experience where everyone’s needs are fulfilled within one conference.

Fourthly, the conference is three full days of workshops and presentations – actually four, because the Thursday before the conference begins on Friday, is also a full day of getting to know each other, registering, and enjoying the day.  You will notice that most conferences advertise three or four full days, but they begin late the first day and end early the last day – being only really one day of actual presentations.  Ivory Garden is also accredited by the NASW to offer certificates for CEU’s to clinicians – certificates awarded during the conference.  This is unusual, as other conferences may advertise that CEU’s are available, but are not accredited and don’t award the certificates at all.  This gives Ivory Garden and the conference extreme credibility – which is earned by demonstrating the professional nature of the conference overall.

Fifthly, exhibit tables are set up by the speakers and sponsors.  Most of the speakers are there throughout the conference days.  They remain – participating, meeting attendees, and mingling with everyone.  The ambiance of the venue is that of acceptance, support, and friendship.  There is no ‘feeling’ of some being ‘better’ than others or more ‘important’.  Everyone has choice of what is put on their name tags.  There is no distinction on name tags of who is clinicians, survivors, supporters, etc.  All are significant and respected.  All attendees are welcomed and appreciated.  We love to see people come forward and help, because we are there ‘for’ each other.  Anyone who is having problems or concerns should always feel free to come and talk to us.  We make ourself available for all folks at our exhibit tables.  We ensure that there is something there for everyone at all times.  While some presentations are clearly educational, you will find creative and/or relaxation workshops in others.  There will also be a room open for folks to just talk and relax.  You are welcome to move between presentations to see as much as you like.   There are also areas for people to gather and talk within the venue.  Amazingly, we are the only conference being held at the hotel, and most of the people will be a part of our group.  You will enjoy meeting people – whoever you are – and, enjoy the evening entertainment – a time to just enjoy each others’ company.

Most importantly, this conference benefits all who attend.  Whether a clinician, survivor, supporter, or professional, you will never have the opportunity to attend a conference set up as this one.  Survivors, you would be hard-pressed to ever be able to talk to and meet such professional experts as those who took their time to be there to support you.  Those who have attended and took advantage of this experience reported that the conference literally changed their life in so many ways.  Survivors have little chance to meet and get to know each other – except on the internet.  Here, they come together – an amazing chance to just be together for one weekend.  Clinicians, you may be able to talk through webinars and such with experts, but meeting them and other clinicians, as well as survivors, is a rare chance to network.  Interestingly, you will learn more by just being at the conference with survivors and supporters than you will ever learn by steering clear of those you propose to support.  Taking the time out to experience something you cannot even imagine will expand your horizon to new and challenging ideas that can only benefit your clients and yourself.  Clinicians, whom have attended, have returned each year.

Overall, this conference is inexpensive.  Ivory Garden tries to make it affordable to all whom want to be a part of something so special.  We never know from year to year if we will be able to present it again.  Unlike so many nonprofit organizations, we actually ‘do’ present this conference.  We are a small organization, and putting this conference on takes an entire year where all of our efforts, resources, and budget are utilized.  Our only purpose is to create something that will benefit everyone – a conference where we can touch as many people’s lives as possible.

Realistically, this conference benefits survivors more than any other resource they might pay for – hospitalization, therapy, etc.  The benefits to clinicians are beyond what can be found elsewhere – 17 CEU;s with certificate, a chance to mingle socially with experts, peers, survivors, and supporters – to meet the very people their career counts on for success.  Supporters get a chance to understand better how trauma affects the people whom they work with or loved ones who struggle.

So, if you have thought of going – you have less that a month to decide.  The seats are limited, but we were able to open the conference up to more attendees.  I hope that I clarified a bit more about the conference.  Basically, we provide the setting and experience for everyone – you make the decision for yourself whether you want to take advantage of this opportunity.  Everyone feels apprehensive when attending any social type event – you will not be sorry if you take that step to move one more step forward.   At any rate, we will be there to welcome everyone on Thursday – and, of course during the conference – October 7-9, 2016.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.  Go to the website for more information – www.igdid.org

Contact us if you have questions.

Pat Goodwin, President

Ivory Garden


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Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference  – Thinking About Coming? Empty Re: Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference – Thinking About Coming?

Post by MultipleMe on 9/17/2016, 3:28 pm

Compelling case, Felicity. Absolutely essential to attend this conference at least once. To do whatever you can to get there! I am unable to attend due to being in school but I am going to do what I can to make next years'. Wishing you the best!

Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference  – Thinking About Coming? Empty Re: Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference – Thinking About Coming?

Post by krathyn on 9/17/2016, 9:35 pm

i am looking forward to this Conference--I believe it will be different from even the last two Conferences held by Ivory Garden, for many of the reasons cited

wishing you well-
Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference  – Thinking About Coming? 24792 Krathyn, Sebastian, Strawberry, (Kathie 3-9), kathrynmarie
Krathyn of We5:    we accept all intentions of support--


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Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference  – Thinking About Coming? Empty Re: Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference – Thinking About Coming?

Post by Sponsored content

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