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To provide a unique environment where folks who have experienced trauma can openly and safely talk. We strive to respect, validate, and learn from each other.


Achieving our goal requires cooperative collaboration amongst members and staff. Members posts remain appropriate and relevant to topics. Terms of Service are clearly posted to help members maintain the dignity of the board. Members of this group are at a stage in their healing to independently regulate their own behavior, as well as keeping themselves safe while on the forums. Staff regularly monitor posts and replies to ensure the board remains a safe and comfortable environment of learning for everyone.

As a friendly and kind community, we validate each other as equally special and significant.

These forums are active and the community not too large or too small - about 400 post per day. There are many forums on different topics. The topics range in subject matter also. You are welcome to interact as you feel comfortable.

This is a safe place for members. We encourage building coping skills, learning from each other and material shared. We discourage sharing explicit memories of past abuse. We feel that processing memories be done with professionals. There are no practicing therapists on these forums. Therefore, topics that call for therapist type responses are discouraged.

Feel free to look around. Realize that, as a guest, your view of the forums is minimal. These forums are otherwise private to the public view and/or search engines.

We have literally hundreds of articles and provide workshops for everyone. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions. I am also providing a tutorial that should help with navigating our site.

The very best to you,
Felicity Lee

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"2017 Trauma and Dissociation Conference"- Takes Off in Seattle.

Felicity Lee
Felicity Lee

"2017 Trauma and Dissociation Conference"- Takes Off in Seattle.

Post by felicity on 7/19/2017, 12:37 pm

"2017 Trauma and Dissociation Conference"- Takes Off in Seattle.

Spokesperson announces that the annual Seattle Trauma and Dissociation Conference, hosted by Ivory Garden (IG), will most likely sell out this year. This conference has gained interest, nearly doubling attendance each year.

What is it that makes this such a popular international event for survivors of trauma, professionals, and supporters?

"We strive to create for speakers, exhibitors, all attendees (professionals, survivors, supporters) a safe venue to learn, experience, network, earn CEU's, and enjoy a special weekend where attendees respect and validate each other. All speakers, planners, and directors volunteer their time and expertise, because they believe in the purpose. IG is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to educate and support ALL who are interested in learning how trauma affects people's lives. Unlike other conferences and groups, IG has no personal agenda, does not benefit financially or try to influence attendees in any way toward any certain point of view."

With that in mind, it is easy to imagine why this conference has become so popular with such a wide range of attendees. First, the organization directors are both survivors of abuse and professionals. Attention to the needs of every attendee is paid during the planning process and is 'felt' during the conference. Everyone is welcome with open arms. The venue is warm and inviting, the exhibitors include speakers/resources that interest everyone, there is entertainment in the evening, and the workshops/plenaries are professional and tailored to meet anyone's needs. CEU's are available with certificates given during the conference. The price is affordable including four full days - a weekend that past attendees have reported literally changed their lives.

Why is this conference unique to any other conference?

According to past attendees, the Trauma and Dissociation conference differs in that attendees interact with world renowned speakers, other professionals, survivors, and supporters throughout the conference as well as learning from each other during workshops and plenaries. There is no 'status distinction' of attendees, which creates an environment of respect and validation for all. IG staff, directors, and volunteers support everyone with a clear intention of hosting this event by creating a safe and enjoyable time for all.

"There will never be another conference like this. For over a decade, Ivory Garden has provided safe venues where survivors, professionals, and supporters experience education and support. IG does not promote their organization or their directors or any personal agenda. They simply host the conference. This cannot be said for any other conference or group." (2015 Attendee).

"I had the feeling of 'belonging'. I connected with both experts/therapists and survivors, people who I feel I will know for years to come. The Trauma and Dissociation Conference not only met, but far exceeded my expectations." (2016 Attendee).


Don't miss the Ivory Garden Conference this year!!

Who is Ivory Garden Nonprofit Corporation?


Contact Pat Goodwin, MA
President: Ivory Garden Nonprofit Corporation

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